Harmony considers all applications, upholding the needs of the student and the school.

Although Harmony School has a limited enrollment, all prospective students are carefully considered. As openings occur students are chosen for interviewing based upon their individual situation and how well their age, gender and background fit into the school’s needs for diversity. Students are chosen for these interviews regardless of their family’s ability to pay tuition.

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Harmony’s Review Processes

“Harmony” is easily defined as a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things, as with music or spoken words or a gathering of people.

Admissions processes vary from program to program. Here are the basics:

  • Early Childhood Program (ECP) – Enrollment includes an application but does not include an interview process.
  • Elementary/Middle School – Teachers admit new students based on an interview with the prospective students and their parents.
  • High School – Prospective students are interviewed by the Student Selection Committee, a group of five elected students and two teachers who make a recommendation.
  • International Student Program – Prospective international students are interviewed by phone either by teachers (if applying to younger programs) or by the Student Selection Committee (if applying to High School).
Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition at Harmony is based on the family’s income.

For grades 1-12 tuition is 8.5% of the family’s gross monthly income. There is a minimum monthly payment of $30 to a maximum of $625/month or $7500/year. For two children tuition is 13%, and it rises to 16% for three or more. Because Harmony has such a strong commitment to serving students who otherwise could not afford a personalized, independent school education, 80% of our students are attending with the help of subsidies. Because our annual cost per student is $7500, any students that pay less than that are, in essence, receiving scholarship assistance. Scholarship money is generated through grants and contributions.

Tuition for International Students

The International Student Program also has a different fee system. The tuition for international students who are able to arrange their own accommodations (with family or friends) is $16,500 per year, plus a one time $500 processing fee for the student’s I-20 (needed to get an F1 Visa).

If an international student cannot arrange their own home-stay, we can place them in a local home that specifically serves our International Program. If you choose this option for your child while at Harmony, the tuition for the school year is $23,500 and the charge for rent and food from September 1st to June 1st is $15,000.

ECP and Kindergarten

ECP and Kindergarten have a different tuition structure. Fees are $600/month for full-time. If 8.5% of your family’s adjusted gross monthly income is more than $600, you would pay that amount, up to a maximum of $725/month.

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Harmony School’s talented and dynamic faculty and staff come together to create an open, welcoming community and to cultivate a unique, creative, and flexible environment for students.

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