For grades 1-12 tuition is 8.5% of the family’s gross monthly income. There is a minimum monthly payment of $30 to a maximum of $625/month or $7500/year. For two children tuition is 13%, and it rises to 16% for three or more. Because Harmony has such a strong commitment to serving students who otherwise could not afford a personalized, independent school education, 80% of our students are on subsidies. Because our annual cost per student is $7500, any students that pay less than that are in essence receiving scholarship assistance. Scholarship money is generated through grants and contributions.

ECP and Kindergarten

ECP and Kindergarten have a different tuition structure. Fees are $600/month for full-time. If 8.5% of your family’s adjusted gross monthly income is more than $600, you would pay that amount, up to a maximum of $725/month.

International Student Program

The International Student Program also has a different fee system. The tuition for international students who are able to arrange their own accommodations (with family or friends) is $16,500 per year, plus a one time $500 processing fee for the student’s I-20 (needed to get an F1 Visa).
If an international student cannot arrange their own home-stay, we can place them in a local home that specifically serves our International Program. If you choose this option for your child while at Harmony, the tuition for the school year is $23,500 and the charge for rent and food from September 1st to June 1st is $15,000.