International Student Program


We seek to give international students the chance to learn about American culture, to improve their English, and to have an opportunity to pursue their education here in the U.S. if they desire. We also want to give our local students the opportunity to create friendships and to learn from other teenagers from around the world.  Here at Harmony School, we value all kinds of diversity. When individuals from different backgrounds come together, the experience enriches the lives of the individuals and the community as a whole.


We find that the international students who do best at Harmony come for three or more years, and we require that they come for at least two years if they intend to graduate.  Click here to learn more about Jamie Schmiechen, our current International Student Advisor, and contact him if you have further questions.


International students often live with friends or family in the Bloomington area.  If an international student cannot arrange their own home-stay, we can place them in a local home that specifically serves our International Program.

This house is a safe and well-organized option for students attending Harmony School who are unable to arrange a home-stay with family or friends. It is close to the school and will house between 6 and 8 students, with a full time adult house parent to look after your child while they are in the US.  All food and daily transportation to and from school is provided.

If you are arranging your own accommodations, click here.

Click here if you would like to live in supervised International Student Housing.


Admission to Harmony’s International Program is primarily based on a video-call interview.  You may also choose to submit transcripts or your score from an English proficiency test such as the iTEP.