1-2 – Curriculum


We do not expect children to know how to read.  We expect to help guide them through the process of reading.  We use a variety of methods and cater to different reading and learning styles.  Our goal is to cultivate a love of reading and reading for enjoyment.  

Journal Writing

Every student writes in his/her journal every day. Generally, kids write anything they want. This is a time when we can work on handwriting, grammar, spelling, and punctuation on an individual basis. Once a week, we have “directed journal” where every kid writes about a topic we introduce. We sit together and share our responses.


Claudio is a native Spanish speaker and teaches the students Spanish. Students learn words and expressions through games, songs, and other fun activities. Our main goal is for the kids to feel comfortable with a different language and to enjoy knowing and speaking the words and sounds of Spanish.  We are working on scheduling Spanish in weekly, if not daily for our students.


Our math program is compiled from several different programs at this point.  The elementary is currently working on developing standards and a curriculum that encourages a love of math.  We are also in the process of defining developmentally appropriate expectations and tools for each child to be successful in math. Each child will be working at their own level and advancing at their pace.  We will also be conducting math talks, discussions, whole-group and small-group activities and a lot of hands-on activities.  We have math games every Wednesday where our students can play games where you have to use critical thinking skills, strategy and math.  


When the students are “in program”, they do “themes”.  We change these every year and every month.  The two themes that are consistently taught every year are Conflict Resolution and Human Sexuality (in a very age-appropriate way).  These two themes are taught in every class at Harmony from 1st-12th grade.  


Instead of holding “gym” classes, we play games and work on skills which will develop physical coordination, strength, flexibility, and good sportsmanship in our kids. The emphasis is on fun and cooperation. Bodyworks is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Music & Sewing

Claudio and Laura Beth rotate sewing and having music class every two weeks. Music includes singing songs, folk dancing, and playing rhythm instruments. Sewing includes learning how to sew by hand and to design and make their own creations. Sewing culminates in each student designing and sewing an “Ugly Doll” of their own creation.


There are two evaluation times during the year. The first is during the week of Thanksgiving. A written evaluation is presented to parents during scheduled times during this week. The last evaluation time is at the end of May. Again, we write up evaluations and set up times for parent conferences.  We are available though at any time to discuss ANYTHING you want.  That is why we are here.