Fifth & Sixth Grades


The Harmony 5th & 6th grade provides students with the opportunity to further develop leadership, academic, social, and mediation skills in preparation for the culminating experience of their elementary education, the graduation project, and toward the greater goal of developing lifelong learners. Course work is often designed as a path to practice the skills of real work that they will do in the world.

What We’re Currently Learning

Harmony School 5th & 6th Grade begins the school year with a camping trip at McCormick’s Creek State Park as well as a 6th Grade Leadership Retreat before school begins. We weave Environmental Education and Exploration throughout every year spending significant time in nature hiking, learning about water, fish, trees, birds, flowers, geology, and the natural and social history of our area. Our many field trips throughout the year include hiking, fishing, swimming, cultural and natural history museums, environmental study, and more. We head out on many natural world adventures with the interpretation and leadership from partner organizations such as Sycamore Land Trust and Monroe County Parks and Recreation. The 5th & 6th Grade Citizen Scientist projects include participation in the Big Backyard Bird Count, Hoosier River Watch water quality testing, and Adopt-a-Park work at Flatwoods Park. We also participate in the Indiana Jr. Duck Stamp contest. A camping trip at Columbus Youth Camp caps off our year before we send our elementary school graduates off to middle school.  

Aside from our core Math, Language Arts, Art, Bodyworks, and elective Exploration classes, our bi-annual theme curriculum tends to alternate Environmental Education and Social Studies with our school’s environmental pillar still playing a large role either year. This being our Social Studies year, we investigate History for Politically Savvy Students as the core hub of our integrated social studies, civics, and life skills curricula. We explore a wide variety of topics including Immigration, Civil Rights, Labor, and Service Learning. The Civics cycle of classes include Legal Literacy and a Mock-Trial with students from the IU Mauer School of Law. In addition, student-facilitated daily Morning Meeting and weekly Family Meetings supports development of leadership and civil discourse skills. The Life Skills cycle of classes include Conflict Resolution, Building Healthy Relationships with Prevention Specialists from Middle Way House, Digital Literacy, Digital Safety, and Human Sexuality. We practice simple mindfulness and mindful breathing; second semester we hope to continue with optional meditation sessions. 

Our second cycle of Independent Inquiry Projects begins in spring semester culminating in student presentations and our 6th graders Elementary School Graduation Projects and Graduation. 

We engaged in a wide variety of learning activities, including: protocols that support the inherently social aspects of learning, text-based protocols, journaling, critical literacy from primary sources, guest speakers, field trips, creating a timeline, and many others. We culminated our study with independent inquiry research projects based on biographies and legacies of some widely and not-so-well-known leaders of the civil rights and labor movements. We ask, ‘How does their work impact our lives today?’ We are proudly displaying our projects at the annual Harmony School Open House. 

Our ultimate goal, besides learning social studies, civics and the various life skills topics, is to provide students with a historical background to contemporary issues and practice practical strategies for dealing with the specific issues in our personal lives and to employ in our relationships as citizens in our communities, our democracy, and our diverse world. All in all, this has been an illuminating unit of study!