Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

Harmony School Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

Harmony School thanks all our families for their contribution to the school through the Parent Involvement Program.  We depend on you, the parents, to be very involved in many aspects of the day-to-day running of the school.  Your involvement helps the school keep tuition costs down.

We have Parent Coordinators for each program.  They coordinate the needs of the teachers and classrooms with the abilities and time of the parents.  Generally PIP jobs include classroom (substitute teaching, classroom help, exploration/creation), office/clerical help for different divisions, cleaning/maintenance/gardening, assisting with fundraisers and special events, and transportation (driving bus or your own vehicle, maintaining buses).

You will be asked to help in more than one area, but we try to respect your preferences.  Please indicate when you are available and what general area you would prefer.  If you have some special skill that you would like to share or you feel would help the school, please speak to your PIP coordinator or to office staff and we will try to create a job to fit you!


Here are the guidelines for the Parent Involvement Program:

  1. Two-parent families complete a minimum of 44 hrs of volunteer work per year. Single parents complete a minimum of 22 hrs of volunteer work per year.
  2. For single-parent families, when both parents live in the area, each parent will complete 22 hours of PIP work.
  3. For transportation assistance, we have the following guidelines:

Half day = 3 PIP hours

All day = 6 PIP hours

Class Trips = 8 hours per day

  1. As part of your PIP hours, families are expected to help at our fundraising events, an essential aspect of Harmony School’s budget.  Please mark your calendars.  Specific jobs will be assigned a couple of weeks before each event.  
  2. Your PIP coordinator or the office may contact you with a suggested job based on your time available and preferences.  Please be prepared to help when special pleas appear in announcements or emails!  Remember if you can’t commit to a permanent job, we can always use your help SOMEWHERE!
  3. Parents are also expected to do some hours helping with cleaning, maintenance or gardening. Work Days are a good way to contribute if you cannot sign up for a permanent job.  
  4. Please report your PIP hours on the kiosk outside the main office. We also strongly encourage you to keep track of your hours at home.