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Rhino’s Chocolate Prom

Friday February 14th 6:30-10:30 PM in the Harmony School Gymnasium Rhino's annual chocolate prom…a prom for everyone! Located this year at Harmony School, this event is attended by a large group of people from around Bloomington and the surrounding areas. We provide free chocolate, including a chocolate fountain, a DJ, and photo booth! Paddy and the Family take the stage at 7:30 PM. $10/person $15/couple

Register for Visitor Day 2020!

Do you want to learn more about Harmony School? Come to our next Visitor Day on Tuesday, April 7th! To see our Early Childhood Program in action, arrive at 10:00 AM. Visitors interested in grades 1-12 should arrive by 11 AM for an introduction [...]

Welcome to Our New Website!

2020 promises to be a great year. We have, at long last, given our school website a fresh face. We are excited to reveal our sleeker site with lots of big, colorful photos. All the information you need is still here for you, , although we have tried to improve the layout to make things more appealing and easier to find. We have also started building [...]

Harmony Has a New Monument!

Thank you to master sculptor Frank Young for his work on the newly planted limestone monument located near the parking lot entrance on 2nd street. The monument was originally placed at the front of the Rhino Youth Center's building on Walnut Street [...]

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