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Welcome to our new newsletter!

Our goal with this newsletter is to bridge Harmony’s past, present, and future. We want to share stories that connect our alumni to current students and staff, and keep our community supporters connected too. Spring is in full bloom here in south-central Indiana. Normally at this time of year Harmony’s halls would also be filled with the spring-time energy of our students. But here we are, living with the new reality of a global pandemic and physical distancing. In-person classes at Harmony, and all of our local schools, are canceled [...]

Staying connected during the coronavirus pandemic: Updates from our teachers

How are our teachers and students adapting to this new reality of distance-learning during the coronavirus crisis? Sallyann Murphey, High school teacher, shares updates on senior projects and graduation plans: "I have never been prouder of a senior class." Ursina Hastings-Heinz, Middle school teacher, says her goal is to help students "express their feelings and process as we navigate through these scary times." Lana Beck-Cruce, 3/4 teacher, emphasizes, "The biggest thing is that we want to stay connected with the kids." [...]

Passion and Freedom, Community and Change: Three Senior Projects

Back in mid-March, Denise Breeden-Ost, Harmony parent and graduate ('89), interviewed three seniors about their projects - and then followed up to hear about how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting them. Reed Evans is exploring biology and sustainable agriculture. Glen Breeden-Ost is hosting and producing a podcast on business and entrepreneurship. Griffin Bongard is building his own kayak. [...]

Alumni Spotlight: Marsha Washington (’77)

In 1977, Marsha Washington became the third graduate of Harmony School. Now, 43 years later, she has found herself circling back to Harmony, through a job training program that gave her the opportunity to work in the office this year. As one of our earliest alumni, Marsha is also excited to be part of reaching out to alumni and sharing their stories. [...]

Alumni (and Parent and Teacher!) Spotlight: Lana Beck-Cruce (’00)

Lana Beck-Cruce, 3rd & 4th grade teacher, holds Harmony School very near and dear to her heart. Not only is she a teacher here but also a parent and an alum. In fact, the locker she painted in 8th grade is still preserved in the upstairs hallway! Lana shares her story, reflecting on her connections to Harmony from 1994 to today. [...]

Welcome to Our New Website!

We have, at long last, given our school website a fresh face. We are excited to reveal our sleeker site with lots of big, colorful photos. All the information you need is still here for you, although we have tried to improve the layout to make things more appealing and easier to find. We have also started building a “Latest News” page to accompany a regular, more informative newsletter for alumni, parents, supporters, and the surrounding community. We are in the process of updating [...]