Harmony School Bus Fund

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On October ​20th, Harmony School had its worst vehicle accident in the school’s 41 year history. ​O​ne of Harmony’s two 15 passenger buses was totaled in an accident and 10 students were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Fortunately, all the students have recovered or are on the road to recovery. However, the loss of this bus has seriously limited Harmony’s ability to operate our innovative curriculum at full capacity. Being able to take kids on trips, for 2 hours or 7 days, is a key part of Harmony’s educational philosophy. We consider the entire community, and country for that matter, our “school” and we need be able to move the students on short notice.

Consequently, we need a new bus. Used buses are just not available, nor do they meet the safety standards we want our students to have.

​We need to order a new bus and raise money to cover the $61,000 cost. The new bus will​ again provide three-point safety harnesses for every passenger​ and will add new safety features such as dual rear tires, ​a back-up camera, and rear storage with a safety bar to keep things in place​. It will be used to transport our 211 students—from ages 3 to 18—on their many field trips all year long.

Payments are accepted through GoFundMe,

Harmony is a nonprofit, 501(C)3 organization and donations are tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.


Founded in 1974 in Bloomington, Indiana, Harmony School’s mission is to prepare young people to live in and contribute to a heterogeneous democratic country.

We do this by sensitizing young people to the delicate balance needed in a democracy between individual growth and community responsibility.

We are dedicated to the development of the whole student: we teach critical thinking and academic skills, nurture each student’s unique voice, all while promoting physical, social, emotional, and creative growth.

Although Harmony is an independent school, we serve students regardless of income status through a sliding-scale tuition structure. 80% of Harmony students are on partial or full scholarships and 40% are considered low-income by Federal guidelines.


Field trips are an integral part of Harmony’s curriculum. Since we are a small school we enhance our options for students by looking at the wide world outside of the walls of the school as part of our “classrooms”. ​

Each program takes regular trips during the day to enrich the curriculum and take advantage of the wonderful resources that are available at Indiana University and in and around Bloomington and Southern Indiana. ​ All classes take regular trips to Indianapolis and Southern Indiana and at least once a year all students from 3rd grade to 12th grade go out of state for several days.

Some examples of trips that have been enjoyed by Harmony students in the past include:

· Indianapolis Youth Summit on Issues of Poverty
· McCormick’s Creek State Park
· New York City to the Anti-Globalization Rally and Education Forum
· Cedar Bluffs for a biology field trip
· St. Louis City Museum
· Chicago Field Museum
· ​Flood relief work in West Virginia
· Choctaw Reservation in Mississippi
· New Orleans Jazz Festival​
· Golden Living Center
· Mather’s Museum
· Eiteljorg Museum
· Roger’s Group Quarry (geology class)
· Scarlet Oaks Nature Preserve
· Big Splash
· Camp Palawopec
· 100 Acres
· Holiday World
· Yellowwood Forest
· Muscatatuck River
· Trick or treating for UNICEF around Bloomington
· Brookville Reservoir for geology field trip
· Griffy Lake
· Glen Black lab
· Wyandotte Caves
· Indiana University Science Open House
· Feline Rescue Center
· Conner Prairie
· Indianapolis Children’s Museum
· WonderLab
· Shelter Inc.
· Indiana Repertory Theater to see play, “Color of Justice”
· Hoosier Heights indoor climbing facility
· Frank Southern Ice Skating Rink
· Roller Skating Rink