News From The ECP

July 3, 2014

We had two more exciting visitors in the ECP for multicultural month. A big thanks to Jack’s dad for teaching us about Wales, and Ceilidh’s grandpa for playing the bagpipes for us. We really enjoyed Multicultural Day as well. It was especially fun touring the school, sampling food, and playing games.
We incubated eggs in our room again this year. The kids tracked the progress of the baby chicks and were very excited to see them hatch.
We continued our letter themed sensory tables. Wehad things like big blocks of ice for “I” day, Lincoln logs on “L” day, and potion-making on “P” day.
We planted some lettuce, kale, and snap pea seeds in the ECP playground garden bed. They’ve all sprouted and the kids have enjoyed watering them and watching them grow. We’re gearing up for another fantastic summer program, and Teacher Sam has been busy planning a bunch of exciting field trips. It’s been such a pleasant school year and we hope everyone has great summer!

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