News from Jen’s Class

May 22, 2014

Jen’s class wrote some poems (inspired by Ulysses, a squirrel). Enjoy.
I love your cute stripes,
the large eyes,
soft fur,
these cute feet.
I hate to clean my room.
by Ada
I love your snappers,
the red shell,
the fat eyes,
the fat feet.
You’re so surprised.
I smell french fries.
by Ara
I love your black feathers.
I see them in the heathers.
I love your wings
Those beautiful things
I like to see you soar across the blue, blue clear sky.
You’re a crow and I like that.
Your feathers probably itch.
You need some lotion?
by Oscar
I love your stripes,
the brilliant black,
the best paws,
your tail,
perfect, no flaws
I like pizza.
by Karim
I love your sharp teeth,
the fat eyes,
the huge tail,
so big,
such fat thighs,
I like chicken and rice soup for lunch.
By River
I love your pretty blue sky,
the pretty plants,
the silky petals,
and the soft bed,
the soft blanket.
I smell like rotten fish.
by Zara
Rivers and fire,
your lovely sound,
your peanut butter rivers,
Fire pass,
My bedroom is warm.
by Liam

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