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May 22, 2014

The idea of whether people shape their own destiny came up in a recent family meeting. The context was living up to the Middle School Compact. The compact is a set of agreements we collectively made to help guide our actions. Like the Ethos, it’s meant to be a goal–something we hope to build upon. The Compact includes the following suggestions.
Be responsible with your work
Control yourself
Be honest
Be on time
Learn from your mistakes
Trust yourself and others
Be yourself
Accept others
Be “chill” (keep things in perspective)
Learn from others
Be kind
Follow the Ethos
Remember our purpose*
*Learn/socialize/prepare for the future
Implied in the compact is the notion that a person does shape their own destiny—that their actions have consequences & that ultimately the individual is, to a large degree, responsible for their own success. Now, thinking back to my many years of schooling, I don’t recall a school ever telling me that. They told me lots of things, taught me how to take tests, do homework, be respectful, and stay ahead of the curve, but they never asked me to take responsibility for my own success.
At Harmony, we do stress that the individual has to succeed on his or her own terms. Hopefully we can share some common goals and make learning meaningful and authentic.
In other news: Seventh graders just finished their third independent project and presentations. Graduates are mid-way thru their graduation projects. Each teacher works with a third of the students—my graduates are studying Foley Sound Effects, The Bible as literature, creating a Manga graphic novel, Chinese Holidays, Baseball, Open Source computer programming, and Graphic Design. These will be completed in early May with individual presentations to parents and the group starting on May 19.
The end of the school year approaches quickly and students can become stressed about deadlines. As parents, it’s helpful if you keep abreast about how things are going with your child academically. The end of the year trip is from May 5th to the 8th. The Adventure Issue of the yearbook will be published in May.
As always, if there are any concerns or questions, please contact us. We’re available when needed.

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