News from Tom’s Class

April 23, 2014

Our Community of Teachers Masters candidate,
Mary Flegler, writes: “Ninth graders have been
getting in touch with their inner literary scholar by
critically examining Sandra Cisnero’s The House
on Mango Street. The class has done a wonderful
job teasing apart a deceptively complex text. Aside
from providing the kind of critical thinking practices
needed for the PSAT, these mindful reading habits
will ensure the class gains the most from the reading
they conduct in their personal lives.” Mary introduced
a kinesthetic word review exercise involving teams,
chalkboard and flyswatters which has proved
valuable for second period Greek & Latin Roots
class as well. After examining phobias and manias,
we’re about to delve into semantically-spun positive
Third period Depth Psychology students have
traveled with Parsifal into the Grail Castle and back.
We’re awaiting Persephone’s return and learning
about Freud’s and Jung’s lives. Fifth period is taught
by Mary and she writes: “Our word warriors have just
about completed their most difficult task: learning
how to get started with the writing process, and how
to execute a convincing research paper. After some
fun (or lack thereof) with revision, our next quest is
learning how to write in the professional realm to get
what you want, whether it’s a job with a great resume
or a refund with an excellent business letter.”

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