News from the Fifth and Sixth Grade

April 23, 2014

Much of our 6th grader’s focus has directed toward
the beginning stages of their Elementary School
Graduation Project. By the time you read this
newsletter, our 6th graders will have finished a
final published draft of the history and background
of their topic for the first of four papers. Our 6th
graders have begun their Community Service projects
and are beginning to plan for the experience related
to their topics. As the second stage of Graduation
Projects begins, 5th grade interns will come on
board, working with 6th grade mentors, on related
topics of their own inquiry.
We’ve toured the world vicariously as we’ve listened
to the final presentations of student’s independent
inquiries of Country and Cultures of their interest.
Many of our students have embellished their
presentations with cultural artifacts. One of our
recent highlights the highlights was definitely
watching the Early Childhood Program’s play and the
All Elementary play. What great work Chris, Lana,
and Jen did with their students for the benefit for all.
Thank you for including our students Piper Doria,
Ousman, Molly, and Alena. You all did a great job
and it was quite a commitment.
We completed our civics curriculum, Legal Literacy,
taught by students from IU ’s Mauer School of Law.
Extending from our Country and Culture studies and
leading into Multicultural Month in March, we took
a field trip to the Indiana Repertory Theater to see
their production of And Then They Came for Me. This
play alternates between videotaped interviews of
elderly Holocaust survivors and childhood friends of
Anne Frank along with actors playing those survivors
as children fleeing the Nazis in Germany, going to
Belgium or Holland, and finally being incarcerated
in concentration camps as well as a glimpse of their
liberation and post war experiences. In addition, we
looked at the Japanese anti-war anime film on the
Pacific War in World War II, Grave of the Fireflies.
Through both of these experiences, rather than focus
on the political history, we looked at the human
experience of war, and emerged with the question of
how can we make the world a more just and peaceful
Today, as I finish up this newsletter article, the
children are playing outside in the sunshine. What joy
to see them enjoying relative warm weather for the
first time in such a long time! Hopefully you, too, are
making time to spend outdoors and in nature during
this well-deserved break in the weather.
In Peace,
Kathy and Zevon
6th Grade Class

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