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April 23, 2014

I thought it would be fun to include a couple of our
dictated stories this month. Here is one from Mikolai,
3 years old:
“My story, like, my mommy went to a store, and me.
And apples are yummy and when I eat them, I bite
something hard and it was a toy. And I ate a lot. My
stomach got so hungry, and I didn’t have anything else
to eat. And I saw robots walking and they talk to me.
And they say, ‘I’m the bad guy.’ And I throwed the bad
guy robot on the ground. And then it went on the sky
and fell back down and broke his self. And that was
scary. And I pooped all the apples out. And I saw
fishes, not poisonous. The End.”
Here’s another one by Jack, 5 years old. It’s titled “Up
“The up down town. The up down town. Some
buildings were up, and some buildings were down,
and some buildings were just sideways. But those
buildings made every person go sideways. And the
right side buildings made everybody go right side up.
But the upside down buildings, they made everybody
go upside down. And then a huge finger stepped on
the building because it was a tiny town. Then a huge
foot stepped on it. Then a bracelet went all the way
around the town. And then the bracelet crushed the
town into pieces. And the hand and foot end, with a
big bathroom at the end. And 300 candles. And 489
buildings that were crushed into pieces. The End.”

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