News From The 1st and 2nd Grade

April 23, 2014

Our recent big project was making papier-mache
masks, using balloons as the basic form, and using
paint and a variety of other materials (beads, yarn,
raffia, tile, cork, bottle caps, etc.). For a recent
Directed Journal we asked, “If you could change your
looks (just for a while) what would you do?”
*What I would do is to dye my hair blue.
*I’m going to put paint on my face. And put weird
hats on. It’s going to be yellow and red paint.
*If I made a temporary thing I would dye my hair.
*I would put dots on me. And cat ears and whiskers.
*I would like to change the fact that I have allergies
and in the winter I get dry skin.
*I want to dye my hair black because I think that I
will look pretty with black hair.
*I would have permanent mehndi on my hands.
*I would make my favorite hat even more ridiculous.
*I would add horns with jingle bells. So you could
hear me jingle.
*I would add earrings with bicycles.
*If I could add anything to my body it would be
*If I could add something to my face I would add: a
forked tongue, snake head, snake body, horns, and
curly patterns. I’m also thinking of weird spiky hair
and a unibrow.
*I think I’ll like face paint for a day.
*I would decorate myself with jewelry.
*I would be two feet taller if I could.
*I would be orange for a day. It would be fun.
*I would put horns on my head.
*I would want to have a pair of wings so I can fly.
I wonder how they will decorate or (gulp!) modify
their bodies when they get to the age when they can.

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