News from Lana and Matt’s Class

April 23, 2014

Written by the students of the 3rd/4th Grade Class
We’ve been reading biographies and researching on
people’s histories and writing things that we learned
about them. Then we traced ourselves, drew faces
and clothes, colored, painted, cut out, and made
ourselves into the person we read about. There’s also
been some great teamwork! People who are done
have been helping the people who aren’t to make the
process faster. Our “Wall of Fame” is lining the main
floor hallway wall. Come and check it out!
One of the classes for our all-elementary theme was
putting on a play of 12th Night. “We rehearsed nearly
every day. It was not too complicated, because I’ve
been in lots of plays, so I know what it feels like to
be tortured by rehearsing so much,” said Noah, a 3rd
grade student who was the “random funny guy.” It
was really good, interesting, and funny, according to
the audience. There was also a play called The Wild
Friends that some of the younger kids made.
In math, we’ve been surveying people and making
graphs of the data. Some of the surveys were: the
favorite flowers of 1st/2nd graders compared to
3rd/4th graders, how many pets Jen’s class has
compared to the 3rd/4th grade class, eye color in
the 1st/2nd grade compared to the 3rd/4th grade,
how many siblings ECPers have compared to 3rd/4th
graders, favorite Greek gods of the Harmony staff
compared to the 3rd/4th grade, favorite sandwiches
of 1st/2nd graders compared to 3rd/4th graders,
shoe size of ECPers compared to 3rd/4th graders,
bedtimes of 1st graders compared to 3rd graders, 3rd
grade birth years compared to 4th grade birth years,
and the least favorite celebrity of 5th/6th graders
compared to 3rd/4th graders.
We’ve all been enjoying the classes we choose every
Thursday and the first Friday of the month. Some of
them are: swimming, skateboarding, sewing, stencil
making, rock climbing, ukelale, gymnastics, lego
challenge, building, and museums.
We’ve been working on our yearbook pages for the
last week or so, and will continue until we are done.
We will collage and photo edit them to make the
ultimate picture. The theme of the yearbook is, “It’s
an Adventure!” It doesn’t have to be real, but it can.
In morning meeting, we sometimes do madlibs.
This is a fun way to learn about adjectives, nouns,
adverbs, verbs, and other parts of speech. Some kids
have even been making thier own madlibs during
writing time! Try this one:
George Washington was the __________ president of
______________________. He is best known for his love
of ______________ and ______________.
(activity ending in -ing) (animal)

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