News from Jen’s Class

April 23, 2014

We love books in the K-6 class!!! We just finished
our latest read aloud, Worse Things Happen at
Sea, by Alan Snow. This is the second book in
the Ratbridge Chronicles, which happens to be
inspiration for the movie, The Boxtrolls, coming
out in September!! Now we are rereading The
Underneath, by Kathi Appelt, a favorite read aloud
from last year. This is a beautifully written books
that will pull at your heartstrings.
This month we also focused on science. Our
student teacher, Adam, prepared lots of cool
science lessons for us. Each day we had science
exploration time. The kids made requests for Adam!!
They wanted volcanoes, explosions, chemistry,
medical science, physics, messy science and more.
We are also spending some time reading biographies
of scientists and inventors. Ada, Eva, Zara, and
Mayela are studying the life and work of Jane
Goodall. Oscar is researching Alexander Graham
Bell. Karim is reading about Thomas Edison. Sam is
super excited to learn about Albert Einstein. Logan
and Liam are enjoying learning about Leonardo Da
Vinci. Emma is interested in George Washington
Carver. Ara is reading a biography on Charles
Darwin. And Caiden is researching about Marie

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