News from Emily’s Class

April 23, 2014

Last month, the Chemistry students taught each
other the patterns and properties of elemental
groups as they created their expanded, large-scale
version of the Periodic Table of the Elements (check
it out in the high school hallway upstairs). The
chemists have also been learning about atomic
structure through experimental tests of solubility,
indicator solutions and flame colors. The students
in Cells & Genes spent a lot of class time last month
sharing news articles and discussing research
findings in genetic testing, stem cell research, nanotherapy,
and gene doping, to name a few. They
recently constructed a crafty, three-dimensional
model of a plant cell using lots pipe-cleaners
(cytoskeleton filaments), balloons (vesicles and
vacuoles) and felt (phospholipid membranes). The
Botany class began by learning all about flowers and
pollen, and the birds and the bees, while reading and
watching The Botany of Desire with Michael Pollan.
The botany students have also been working with
the IU Urban Woodlands project to propagate native
plants. Their reward was an amazingly delicious
batch of vegan cookies made from native walnuts
and persimmon pulp!

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