Middle School News

April 23, 2014

March was a lovely month in the Middle School. It
is the month that eighth graders seem to be settling
into their graduation projects, seventh graders
understand all the nuances of independent projects
and produce their best work, and everyone is feeling
better physically and emotional as the temperatures
Just like with their projects, students are cruising
right along in their core classes. In math each student
has created their own surveys in order to learn how
to collect and organize data. Students will then take
this data and create a scatter plot, circle graph,
histogram, and box-and-whisker plot. We will then
analyze the data in these forms to make hypotheses.
Some of the data students are collecting are number
of siblings students have, number of pets, favorite
sport, number of students playing video games in the
computer lab during lunch, number of students
who speak out of turn during class, and many, many
more. It is very exciting to see students take what we
have gone over in class to new levels with their own
ideas and interests. However, as we rounded out the
last of those super cold days the Middle School took
their annual skiing trip to Paoli Peaks. It is amazing
to see all the different ways our students excel.
Everyone who went participated in a lesson to get
the hang of how to ski, and then they were off. Some
stayed on the bunny hill while others where blazing
down the black diamond slopes. A few ended up in
the lodge playing UNO but all had fun. I especially
enjoy this day each year as I get a chance to connect
with students on a personal level.
Please stay in touch with us as your child works on
their graduation or independent projects. If you have
any questions you can connect with us on Mondays
at our staff meetings in Marty’s room.

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