News from the 1st and 2nd grade:

March 5, 2014

We recently started teaching one of my favorite subjects to first and second graders, Human Sexuality. Teaching human sexuality at every age starting with first and second graders is something I believe is unique to Harmony School. Every teacher creates a curriculum that is age appropriate and relevant for the age group they are teaching. One thing that never surprises me is how interesting they find the subject to be. They are very engaged learners and are very no-nonsense about the language we use. The first conversation we have is to help the kids “get the giggles out”. We then talk about and label body parts on drawings of girls and boys and then men and women. We begin a conversation that will continue throughout our entire theme that discusses the changes that occur in our bodies as we grow older. Then the magic happens. We talk about babies and how they develop in the womb starting from two tiny cells. I can tell you that being pregnant while teaching human sexuality in first and second grade is very useful for these conversations. We are going to discuss major points of development in the womb and the process that ends in this tiny complete human being when they are born. We even have a midwife come in and do a pre-natal with me and draw the position of the baby on my belly and the kids get to hear the baby’s heartbeat. When Orrin was in the womb, the kids started clapping when they heard the heartbeat! The midwife will then discuss the process of labor and birth to the kids. This is by far my favorite part of the entire theme. The most amazing observations and questions come from the children during this presentation. My hope is that the conversations and lessons that we have with the kids help them process this information long before they are dealing with the process of puberty and everything that entails. Also, to recognize how amazing our bodies are, and that their ability to create and grow life is nothing short of a miracle. A miracle just like every one of the kids we teach. -LB and Claudio

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