News from Sal’s Class

March 5, 2014

In the meantime, our classes are well underway. In Western Civ, students recently enjoyed a medieval banquet, which included some delicious – and authentic – medieval dishes (Rose Pudding, Braised Asparagus, boiled fowl, trencher bread) and some very intriguing dinner guests, including Peter Abelard, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Watt Tyler, leader of the Peasant Revolt. The company was entertained by our own wandering minstrels, who regaled us with retellings of Robin Hood legends and Sir Gawain & The Green Knight.
In The American Century, we are in the midst of our unit on WWII. On Thursday, Feb 27, the class retreated for the day to study the Holocaust – its origins, its history, its aftermath. If your student is in The American Century, please take a little time to talk to them about the experience – it usually makes quite an impression.
Students in The Press Corps have started work on a History of Harmony to celebrate the school’s upcoming 40th anniversary. It will begin life as a digital scrapbook on the school web site. If you have any pictures from Harmony’s past, stories you’d like to share, or alumni you would like us to contact, please send the details to

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