News from Jen’s Class

March 5, 2014

Our businesses project in the K-6 class has once again evolved. We have started renting and buying houses (a.k.a. stacks of cardboard boxes). We have several “neighborhoods” to look at when purchasing a home. If you are looking for something affordable, but still spacious, The Stripes or Piggie Gates is where you’ll want to look!! If you are just scraping by, Diaper Hill has some affordable rooms to rent. If you have worked hard and saved a lot, The Estates is where you will probably set your sights!! Caiden, a homeowner in The Estates, is also renting out rooms from her well built home. Several students lined up immediately to rent from her!!!
Aside from the businesses project, in math, we have been using Kathy Richardson’s “Understanding Numbers.” The class has been working intensely with base ten blocks. The favorite activity, so far, has been one called “Buildings” where the kids use base ten blocks (hundreds, tens, and ones) to build with and then determine the value of their building. At times we compare the value of two buildings.
We have also started a new read aloud book, Worse Things Happen At Sea, by Alan Snow. This is Book Two in the Ratbridge Chronicles. We read Book One, Here Be Monsters, earlier this year. The kids would have planned a mutiny if I did not decide to read Book Two. So far, we find our story’s hero, hiding in a barrel of apples at sea, while the ship is being taken over by Archibald Snatcher, the villain from Book One. Uh oh!!! This can’t be good!!!

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