News from Jamie’s Class

March 5, 2014

In Modern Novel, we just finished Michel Faber’s Under the Skin. We are writing essays on the book and how it relates to the themes of industrial farming and empathy. In class, we are viewing the film Amelie before we jump into the first chapter of Chinua Achebe’s poignant Things Fall Apart.
In ESL, we got to know our five Korean visitors and were in the middle of a unit on the reading and listening portions of the TOEFL test. We will keep coming back to TOEFL and SAT material. We also had a short lesson on the history of St. Valentinus.
In Digital Media, we finished sharing each other’s illuminated manuscripts and we watched the French film La Jette. Next week we will share our photo essays and take a field trip to the IU Art Museum.
In Theater, we are still heavily into improvisation games, but we are transitioning into writing. Next, we will begin a brief survey of the dramatic cannon.

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