News from Alan’s Class

March 5, 2014

We just finished our unit about the hierarchy of quadrilaterals and their areas. This will help us later this semester when we learn about three dimensional geometry and start to calculate the volume and surface area of specific solids. Right now our attention is on right triangles.
Algebra I
We are continuing to learn about lines and their graphs. We are just now moving from the abstract to using what we have learned about lines and graphs to model the real world. Soon we will be solving systems of linear equations in two variables and using the techniques of solving systems of equations to solve real life problems.
Algebra II
We are finished with our quick review of solving systems of linear equations. We reviewed this because we are starting our chapter about matrices and some of their applications. The very last application of matrices we will learn is how to solve a system of linear equations by solving a matrix equation and by reducing an augmented matrix.
We are in the middle of our unit on exponential functions and logarithmic functions. Some topics we are covering are solving exponential equations, solving logarithmic equations, compound interest, radioactive decay, and bacteria growth.

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