Kathy and Zevon’s Class:

March 5, 2014

What a blustery and frigid start to our semester. Our class galloped into second semester chomping at the bit to begin new themes and related activities, and we are eager to share our accomplishments with you. Let us first begin by saying, however, that we have been lighting candles, meditating together, folding paper cranes, and sending our healing energy to Fionn Connelly, who has been ill and in the hospital since Christmas. We feel a bit helpless, not knowing quite what to do for Fionn, how to express how much we miss him in our midst, so we have ritualized our healing thoughts and made him cards and letters. Please join us in drawing a circle of light and love around Fionn and his family, sending best wishes for Fionn’s speedy recovery.
Our Random Acts of Science theme introduced basics of chemistry to students through hands-on pop bottle science experiments and documenting our results on lab sheets. We’ve learned about basic atomic structure, about elements, compounds, and chemical reactions while creating homemade lava lamps and Cartesian divers.
In Social Studies, we are midstream in our exploration of countries and cultures of the world. As a skill building inquiry exercise intended to prepare us for independent inquiry (graduation) projects which are just around the corner, students have already researched basic demographic indicators of their countries, explored any conflicts that the country might struggle with, and speculated about the quality of life based on this research. The map and geography work also helped build a foundation for student inquiries. Currently, kids are reading from books and websites and taking notes in preparation for presentations to the class. Each student will serve as expert and teach the class about their country. Several of our veteran graduates will present first in order to model both content and presentation skills to the younger students.
We are continuing our Fundamentals of Studio drawing curriculum with in class instruction. We’ll finish up our focus on line looking a bit at pattern and negative space before turning our attention and practice to value, light, and shading. We’re actively blending our studio drawing with our multicultural theme, during our visits to the IU Art Museum and the Indianapolis Museum of Art by creating sketches of different cultural artwork of their choosing.
Winter seems a great time to explore magical worlds. These few weeks the cold feels bitter, so our kids journeys into the magical realm in their all-elementary theme classes includes lots of creative arts from storytelling, folklore, arts and crafts, theater and more.
As you explore your own magical worlds this winter, please take our wishes for good health and happiness with you.
-Kathy, Zevon, and the 5th & 6th Grade Class

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