Updates from the 3rd and 4th Grade Classroom

January 9, 2014

Written Collectively by the 3rd and 4th Graders
It’s been a month full of activity: Halloween fun,
science experiments, lots of writing, and engaging math
We enjoyed collecting money for UNICEF. It made us
feel good to help others.
We had some special guests that showed us how to
prevent the spread of germs. They told us about the flu
and how we need to wash our hands carefully to try to
stay healthy. They even had a piñata full of treats!
In writing, we revised and edited our rough drafts of
stories to make them even better. We completed our
final drafts just in time to share them at Open House.
Our reading groups recently finished our Roald Dahl
books. They were funny and kind of weird. We have
just selected books for independent reading projects.
When we finish reading, we will choose from a variety
of projects to share our thoughts and ideas about each
In math, we have been doing a lot of cool math
problems that are fun, but hard to do. We did Bridge
Crossing Problems and Matchstick problems (ask your
kids about the bus problem). In our math groups, we
have been working on division and on regrouping.
A continued thank you to Malke (Isobel’s mom) for
coming in once a week to explore mathematical
concepts with small groups.
We completed two science experiments. Our whole
class experiment proved that our hypothesis was
correct: Red Gummy Bears are the class favorite!
Students then designed their own experiments to try to
determine the “best” paper towel brand. We wrote the
instructions, performed the experiments, and graphed
the results.
Our new theme is FOOD. One activity we’ve done is
creating plates of our idea of a well-balanced meal. We
also watched some videos about food, including foods
around the world, prop food, and future food (Yuck,
We finished our first Exploration classes. They
included Zines, Crazy Concoctions, Pet Toys, and
more. In December we will not have either Creation
or Exploration classes, as we will be preparing for the
Follies. The whole class clapped and cheered when we
realized that it is Follies Time!
Finally, we had many students at the Students v Staff
basketball game. There were raucous cheers for both
teams, and a good time was had by all.

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