Updates from LB and Claudio’s Class

January 9, 2014

I am sure that I am not alone in having trouble believing
that it is already December. We have settled into our
routine as a class and our days are filled with Bodyworks,
writing, math and reading. The afternoons are filled with
Exploration classes or our theme in our classroom. We
have started our “Bodies” unit. You can see the pictures
that each student drew of what they believe the inside of
their body looks like when you enter the west side of the
school. This is our example of a before picture. The after
picture is a life size outline of every child with four major
systems drawn in. We have already finished learning and
talking about our skeletal system. The kids have really
learned a lot about bones and what the different bones
are called. We will also learn about our digestive system,
respiratory system and circulatory system. We will finish
out our unit on the body with visits from some doctors,
parents and other students to talk about various topics
regarding our bodies. Our last month before the New
Year is going to be a busy one. We have a lot of sewing
projects planned and we spend a lot of time preparing for
our Holiday Follies act. December is also a month where
I find myself in the classroom by myself because Claudio
is in charge of the Holiday Follies. It is a very happy and
very busy time of year. We try to place the focus of our
projects on making other people happy and doing nice
things for others.
We asked the children during directed journal “what is the
nicest thing you think you have done for others?” Some of
their responses were:
“The nicest thing I’ve done is to be someone’s friend and
play games with them.”
“I think I did something nice when I gave my brother the
first waffle.”
“When my mom was sad, I made a card. She was happy”
“I help my little brother get up to the bunk bed.”
“I made a pillow for L.B.”
“I think the nicest thing I’ve done for my mom is to
change Wendell’s diaper.”
“I hugged my brother when he was upset.”
We want to get in the mindset of being kind to others not
just this time of year, but throughout the whole year.

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