Updates From Emily’s Class

January 9, 2014

First Aid and CPR students earned their Red Cross
certifications in adult and pediatric CPR last month.
They have since learned how to handle various first
aid situations, from strokes to scrapes. This week they
splinted lots of fake broken arms and sprained ankles.
This week in Geology, students are teaching each other
about research topics of their choice. We’ve learned
about mathematical models of erosion, the “blood”
diamond trade, earthquake relief efforts, Spinosaurus
fossils and jade jewelry. Earlier in the month, the
2nd period class visited the Rogers crushed stone
quarry where we were amazed to be dwarfed by the
machinery, rock piles and quarry pits! The 3rd period
class visited the IU Geology building, where former
Harmony parent Dr. Michael Hamburger taught us
about earthquakes and the collaborative art project he
recently did using seismic wave records.
Research seminar students have completed their
experiments and are busy learning some statistical
analysis and preparing their presentation slides.
They generated some interesting graphs of their
experimental results, including data on the impacts
of classical music and negative feedback on problem
solving performance.

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