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January 9, 2014

We sure had a lot of fun on Halloween this year. We
carved pumpkins and baked the seeds, we played with
oobleck slime and rubber spiders, we made “witch’s
hands” with popcorn and grapes, we read lots of
spooky stories, and we got to show off our cool
costumes in the all-school Halloween Parade. Thanks
to all of the parents and grandparents who were able
to attend!
Linda shared a neat activity on germs this month. She
showed us some cool pictures of germs as seen under
a microscope. Then we rubbed glow in the dark lotion
on our hands for “pretend germs.” Just like real germs,
the stuff was invisible unless you look under a black
light. We set up a black light so the kids could wash
their hands and see if there were still germs.
We did a really fun survey and graph math activity as
well. We gave the kids simple surveys with picture
cues and they went around asking
their friends and teachers questions such as “Do you
like pizza? naps? Star Wars? dogs? spiders? storms?
The kids filled in the boxes for yes and no with check
marks and then we counted, graphed, and compared
their results on poster board with colorful dot stickers.
Two things you can always expect to see in the ECP
are: unconventional art projects and lots of singing
and dancing. This month was no exception. We
painted at easels with paintbrushes attached to power
drills. We’ve also been singing and dancing to the
song “Punchinella,” where everyone gets a turn to
show a dance move that their friends copy. Now we
just need to get to work on our Follies act. We’ll see
you on stage in December!

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