News from Kathy and Zevon’s Class

January 9, 2014

Greetings to Families and Friends of Harmony 5th & 6th
Grade Class,
How joyous to see so many cherished members of
our Harmony family and extended family visit our
Open House exhibition. Students worked so diligently,
taking great risks to stretch their boundaries and their
learning, in their Brain Science research. Our students
presented their independent research on topics
including: the nervous system, neurons, anatomy
of the brain, functional areas of the brain, memory,
left and right hemispheres, concussion, Alzheimer’s,
mindfulness training, effect of video games on the
brain, Asperger’s, mental illness, injury to the brain,
neuroplasticity, the senses, language and the brain,
spinal cord, teenage brain, sleep, dreams, the amygdale
and emotional center of the brain, reflexes and the
brain, and OCD. Our art exhibition also included Brain
Art. If you missed it, the art is still on exhibit in the
upstairs hallway. We felt so honored to be joined by
Dale Sengelaub, of the IU Brain Science department,
and his brain collection. Dale has been so generous
with his time and resources over the course of the past
month and a half, and we were humbled that he joined
us at the museum to offer the rest of our community a
chance to see and learn more about brains. While Steve
Volan was not able to attend the exhibition, we extend
our warmest appreciation to him for visiting our class
and sharing about Asperger’s Syndrome. We greatly
enjoyed the opportunity to host you all at our museum.
Hopefully, you also had a chance to look through
each Book in a Box, and learn about the elements
of literature of each student’s multicultural reading
choice. In addition the illustrated collected authoring
works of our students was published and on display at
our exhibition. You’ll surely enjoy browsing through
our Dream Country Atlas which published the maps
and brochures of our class dream countries, putting
into practice many of the geography skills we learned
this semester. We all greatly enjoyed sharing a meal,
conversation, and our students’ learning. Thanks again
to all who volunteered their time in support of our
project and to those who attended the exhibition.
In celebration of the culmination of our hard work,
our class went on what may have been the last
warm autumn day, just before the Open House,
to McCormick’s Creek for a picnic, to play on the
playground, explore the wooded trails and the
waterfall, and, of course, simply to enjoy each other’s
In preparation for several of our new themes, we walk
over to the IU Art Museum for our yearly introduction
to the various galleries, as well as to enjoy the special
exhibits. We’ll then return to sketch pieces that speak to us.
As we wind up the semester, our students are busily
preparing Follies acts. With only a few weeks left of
the semester, our academics are winding up. We are
engaged in a Semester Final Review, and then will make
time for arts and crafts before winter break.
Enjoy your well-deserved rest over winter break. Until
January, Happy Holidays!
– Kathy, Zevon, and the 5th & 6th Grade Class

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