News from Alan’s Class:

January 9, 2014

Algebra I:
We have spent the last 6 weeks learning how to use the
basic rules of algebra. We are now putting those skills
to the test and using them to solve problems that arise
in everyday life, working with percentages.
We have just finished learning about polygons in
general. From here we will study specific polygons in
much greater detail. We will start with triangles and
learning to prove if certain ones are congruent. Then
we will start our study of quadrilaterals and finish
quadrilaterals next semester.
Algebra II:
We are in the middle of the bread and butter of Algebra
II, quadratics. After we finish quadratics, we will review
solving systems of equations witch well lead into our
study of matrices starting next semester.
The students did a very good job learning how to factor
polynomials with degrees larger than 2. Out final task
of the semester is to study complex numbers and
use them to learn about the fundamental theorem of
algebra, which is, in all reality, not that fundamental.

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