News from the Early Childhood Program

November 13, 2013

We sure have had a lot of opportunities to get our
Birthday Ritual down during family meetings this
month, as nearly half of the kids in the ECP have
October birthdays! We celebrate birthdays by having
the child carry a globe (representing the Earth)
around a candle with rays for each month
(representing the Sun). Family members join us with
treats, stories, and pictures from each year of the
child’s life. Then we all sing Happy Birthday in English
and Spanish, and everyone in the class gives the
birthday boy or girl a special birthday wish. We’ve
had a lot of fun celebrating. Thanks to all of the
family members who have participated.

Our sensory table has been full of interesting things
this month, including flax seed, magnets, dry corn
on the cob for shelling, slime, “ice cream dough,”
and even disposable baby diapers! We cut open the
diapers to discover a cotton-like substance with super
absorbent polymer crystals. We added lots of water
and watched the stuff expand like crazy. We also set
up a nifty sewing table made of burlap with colorful
yarn and big plastic needles so the kids can practice
sewing with very little adult assistance.

Art projects have included: salad spinner spin art, glittery jack-o-lanterns, q-tip skeletons, marble painting, and lots of watercolor painting. We’ve also started singing some new songs like “The Monster Mash” and “Purple People Eater” at family meeting, and of course, counting down the days until Halloween on the calendar, and brainstorming costume ideas. We are all very excited for the parade!

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