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November 13, 2013

There are a number of dates to take note of this month.
The sophomores and the juniors took the PSAT on
October 16 and we’ll be sharing the results of those
at our Student/Parent/Teacher conferences, which
come in two waves. Seniors and students new to the
high school have their conferences on November 25th
and 26th, before Thanksgiving. Tom will be in touch
with you soon to arrange a time. The rest of the high
school will have their conferences in January, after we
get back. In the meantime, we are looking forward to
seeing you at the Open House on Monday, November
18, from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Please join us for a
community dinner that night and a performance by the
wonderfully talented harpist, senior Aubrey Shumway
– then stay on to see and celebrate the wonderful work
your students have been doing in their classes:
In Western Civ, we have finished our unit on Ancient
Greece and have moved on to the study of Ancient
Rome, which will be the subject of the students’ end of
semester assignment, comparing the society of Ancient
Rome with that of the United States and asking whether
the seeds that led to Rome’s fall exist within our
modern-day world. It is a college-level essay, the first
for many in the class. Not all our work is so serious,
though! Next week, the students will begin to plan a
Roman banquet, where dishes will be sampled while
presentations are given on Gladiatoral games; how to
tie a toga and other secrets of Roman fashion; and a
Day in the Life of a Roman Villa.
In The American Century, students have finished
studying World War I, with all its ramifications for
the rest of the 20th Century – as well as the Russian
Revolution and, at home, the hard-fought battle to win
women the vote. This week, we have moved on to the
Roaring Twenties and will be enjoying a history of early
film and the birth of jazz, before plunging in to the
more serious business of examining the causes of the
Wall St Crash and the Great Depression.
Students in The Press Corps have been doing a terrific
job on the media campaign for the Open House –
designing a beautiful poster and writing adverts for the
radio and press. They are also working on displays for
the hallways, including a timeline celebrating the past
40 years of Harmony’s history. Please come and enjoy it
all on November 18.

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