News from Alan’s Class:

November 13, 2013

I have made a big change for all of the high school
mathematics classes. Homework will still be assigned
for every class, however, it will not be collected. The
reason for the change is so that students can have faster
feedback about whether they are doing their homework
problems correctly – avoiding the delay for the time it
takes to grade homework and give it back the next day.
(Under the old system, it was a minimum of two days
between doing an assignment and a student knowing if
he or she had completed his or her homework correctly. I
have had assignments that were turned in where most of
the problems were done incorrectly. The student would
find out 2 days later, and realize everything they were
doing was incorrect and had to learn it all over again.
By that time, the class might have already moved onto a
different topic altogether.) Under my new system, many
of the problems I am going to give have answers in the
back of the book. When a student completes a problem,
he or she can check if they received the correct answer,
hence doing the problem correctly. To help out with the
vision I have, instead of workdays in class where students
are completing problems, they are to bring me questions
about problems they had trouble with and we go over
how to complete them in class. I feel very hopeful that
this change will help students who are having a hard time
understanding certain mathematics concepts.

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