Middle School News

November 13, 2013

What an exciting beginning of the school year! In science
we are Learning about Learning by studying the human
brain. During the middle school years, the exuberant
teen brain is myelinating and pruning at extraordinary
speeds. We are learning about memory, language,
neurons, grey matter and much more. In language
arts, students started reading To Kill a Mockingbird; in
math, they are sharpening their problem solving skills.
Students are working on their first independent project
and started social service jobs in the community. Each
student will complete 25 hours this year by going to
their organization every other Wednesday morning
alternating with working at the MCPL on their research.
At the beginning of the year, during middle school
orientation, we explored what are rules, laws and values.
We used NSRF protocols such as Microlabs to explore
the topic in a way all voices were heard. I’m always
amazed what insights a group of students contributes
when given the opportunity. On their own, they came to
the conclusion that what is important is internal reward
rather than external consequences. They also reminded
each other that often common sense is what’s simply
called for. In family meetings, we tackled issues such as
cell phone and computer use. Again, students came up
with reasonable rules and guidelines. Other activities
during our teambuilding included climbing at Hoosier
Heights and drawing a middle school map where we
found: Mt. Ethos, Roller Derby Spring, Lazy Lagoon,
Computer Crash Cove, Procrastination Cliff, Grump Lake,
Freak-out Valley, Angst Peak and Me Ravine!
We are planning a trip to the Indianapolis Museum of
Art to attend a Matisse Exhibit and explore the sculpture
Thanks to Kelli and to everyone who contributed to
our Comedy Basket for the Extravaganza; it was a huge
Thanks also to all the PIP volunteers and especially to
Melissa Larimer for being our dedicated PIP coordinator.
Mark your calendar:
• OPEN HOUSE: Nov. 18th
Please bring a friend to introduce them to our school
and also take the opportunity to visit the high school
• Student/Parent/Teacher conferences: Nov. 25th
posted in the middle school lounge. (No school during
those days!)
• Study hall: M/T/W 3:00 – 4:00 is a great time to get
ahead on homework with help!
It has been a great beginning of the year! Please don’t
hesitate to contact us with questions or stop by during
our weekly staff meetings on Mondays between 3 – 5pm.
– Ursina

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