November 13, 2013

The sequential skills for two semesters of Ninth Grade
American English prepare students to succeed with
two semesters of Greek & Latin Roots when they are
sophomores. Freshmen expand their vocabulary
acquisition and remedial grammar and language
mechanics mastery. My goal is to have students be able
to identify subjects and predicates, as well as recognize
how parts of speech function within complete sentences.
I require each student to read at least one book of their
choosing each semester. We have a test every Friday to
review new and cumulative material. In our advisory
time together, we began watching the fascinating Black/
White series documentary and also begun our space
exploration trilogy with 200l.Greek & Latin Roots class
is rolling along well–we’re finishing our “technical”
lessons with words from the medical and science
professions and then will proceed to ponder more
savory and tastier words. This class polishes students’
note-taking skills, study organization, pacing and recall,
and presents diverse cultural literacy information.
Literary Criticism is my poetry seminar. This
semester’s participants have begun to assemble their
own anthologies. Because I’ve written thirty new
pieces since Sept 5 using Facebook as an amanuensistic
medium, we can generate more inquiry on the
intention and function of poetry. Students delve into
selected resources with their dark nets.
My fifth period, Learner & the Learning Process, began
with students discussing and learning how to write
reactions to the featured documentaries, Elephant in
the Living Room and Freakanomics. We continued with
Man on Wire, American Teen and then Devil’s Playground
(the latter two about teenagers in Indiana). Last week,
we watched King Corn and Food, Inc. I love showing
these award-winning documentaries to my students
and proofing their critical writing skills. Students read
either Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsey or Under the
Skin by Michel Faber (or both) and write papers at the
end of the semester. With the novel, Under the Skin, for
example, they must focus on its cultural feminist and
anthropocentric elements and performed for WFIU Poets
Weave and 4th Street Arts Festival. I enjoyed interviewing
many applicants to Harmony with the new student
selection committee over the summer and look forward
to teaching classes this year.

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