3rd and 4th grade updates:

November 13, 2013

An update by Lucy Soots, fourth grade student.
All of the students have really been digging into writing
and are learning how to get a good grip on their stories.
All of them have blossomed into great writers in their
own unique way. Right now we are working on short
stories that pull the reader right in.
In reading all of the students have their own
independent book at their reading level, and are also
participating in a book club group, all of which are
reading Roald Dahl books.
In math we are doing fun brain teasing problems
which most of the kids enjoy. We are also working on
factors and multiples. Special thanks to Malke, Isobel’s
mom, for coming in once/ twice a week and doing fun
activities with the kids!
Last month our theme was geography.
Each kid did a Wonder of the World research project.
We wrote speeches, made powerpoint presentations
and posters, and created models. Here is a list of what
the kids did.
Alex – Great Wall of China
Adele – Eiffel Tower
Amare/Waylon – The Parthenon
Alice/Isabel – The Great Barrier Reef
Aika/Jamilah – Northern Lights
Caden/Quinn – Yellowstone National Park
Eli- Pompeii
Elsee/Noah – Kilauea
Eve/Sammy – Easter Island
Grace/Isobel – The Great Pyramids
Jackson B. – Willis Tower
Jackson M. – Stonehenge
Lou – The Roman Colosseum
Lucy/Maya – Victoria Falls
Sarah – The Royal Palace of Norway
Zenebe – Krakatau
This month’s theme is science and all the kids are
learning how to do real science experiments.
In bodyworks most of the kids enjoy “capture the flag” a
fun and active game to get them on the go.
I am very pleased to say that our class makes a great

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