News from Jen’s Class

November 13, 2013

The K-6 class has been busy with their animal research.
In partners, the kids have been studying about a variety
of animals. Ada and Mayela are studying lions. Eva
and Ara are learning about giraffes. Liam and Oscar
decided to research sloths. Sam, Zara, and River have
found a lot of information on wolves. Karim and Logan
have been excited to study cheetahs. As they research,
they complete several side projects. Information found
about their animal’s appearance and where their animal
lives helped them create an art piece, inspired by the
paintings of Henri Rousseau, showing their animal in a
natural environment. A scaled model of their animals
will be created using data on the average size of each
animal. Baby books are being scrapbooked together to
show what each animal looks like and acts like as a baby.
All this research and work will eventually lead them to
design zoo exhibits, taking into account all the information
they have collected about the life of their animal. We are
looking forward to our zoo’s “opening day!!!”

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