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May 21, 2013

I’m always amazed at how much growth we see in each kid over the course of a single school year. This year has been no exception.
Our Kindergarteners have really been stepping it up this past month. They each visited the first and second grade classroom and they are all eager to move on to the next chapter in their Harmony story. They’ve been presenting practice research projects during our family meetings. So far we’ve had presentations on the following topics: How to Wash a Dog, Paper Fans, Tae Kwon Do, and Legos. The rest of the ECP kids have really enjoyed learning from their peers, and we are all really looking forward to their final graduation projects, which they will share during the last week of school.

Even though Art Day has come and gone, we’re still putting the art pedal to the metal in our classroom. We’ve been making monochromatic collages (in purple and blue so far), painting and printing with dandelions, painting on mirrors, painting our arms and legs while playing outside, and creatively gluing broken ceramic tile pieces that we smashed with a rubber mallet.

We’ve been exploring the reflective properties of light in the sensory table with our special “shiny table” set-up. This includes mylar paper, mirrors, LED lights, CD’s, translucent jewels, glass jars, and prisms. One day we used a sub-woofer and a tone generator to make our “oobleck” slime dance in the most amazing ways. We’ve also been taking care of our little chicks, feeding them, holding them, cleaning their cage, and taking them outside on nice days. We have a new batch of eggs in the incubator currently, and we are hoping to have better luck with hatching this time around.

In just a few weeks the ECP Summer Program will begin. We’ll have Christy, Sam, Mia, Lindsey and others great teachers on staff. The kids will be gardening, hiking, creek walking, swimming at Bryan Park Pool, and getting into lots of water play while at school. It’s going to be a really fun summer!

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