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May 21, 2013

Spring is upon us and the end of the year is just around the corner. Things have been active up in the 5th and 6th grade over the last month. With the birds and the bees chirping and buzzing away outside, we have just finished up our unit on “Human Sexuality” and our Life Skills theme on “Building Healthy Relationships.”Of course, the nature of sexuality will always draw giggles from the class at points, but there was excellent dialogue as well, which will hopefully have a positive effect on their futures. We would like the thank Shelia Evans from IU Health – Bloomington for her work with the students this spring.

The “Building Healthy Relationships” unit was popular among the class, and it addressed a range of topics that permeate our society, including gender myths and stereotypes, power and control vs. equality with regard to healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexual harassment vs. flirting, and sexual assault:… Thanks to Cierra and Middle Way House for their generosity in donating time and resources to our curriculum.

In class, our main focus has been finishing up the loose ends of the Graduation Project. The grads and their fifth grade partners have worked hard over the past three months collecting resources, doing research, completing community service and putting together a presentation on their topics. During the first week of May, our students will have presented their project to families, friends and classmates. If you see our grads around the building, say congratulations to them for their hard work and effort. The 2013 Sixth Grade Class is: Willow Aldrich-Photography, Jaylin Boone-Owls, Erica Chapman-Gymnastics, Jake Gordillo-Animal Abuse, Rights and Care, Mars Jarvis-Mexico, Ian McKean-Minecraft in the Classroom, Elijah Middleton-Marine Life, Mahala Mundy-Extreme Storms. Miki Murad-Figure Skating, Abel Patch-Paleontology, Zeca Santos-Lewis-Outdoor Survival , Elisabeth Siena (5th Grader doing Grad Project)-American Educational Equality and Reform and Duncan Thomspon-World War I and II.

This month, we will celebrate the end of the year with some cool field trips. On Thursday, May 16th we will took our annual trip to see the Indianapolis Indians play as part of the “Baseball in Education” program. Thanks to Al Jarvis and Sonya Burdeshaw for helping out with that. Our end of the year celebration will consist of two day trips the last week of school. We will be heading to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum on Thursday, May 23rd. On Friday, May 24th, we will head to the “Holler Hoppin” zip line in Brown County for an exciting day of flying through the trees.

On Thursday, May 2nd, our class played in the annual “Soccer Challenge” vs. the Middle School. We practiced a month or more on teamwork, skills and endurance. While observing them during this month and at the game, with a few exceptions, I saw a community of students working together for a common goal. They encouraged each other, supported each other and learned to play a role. The hard work and effort did not pay off in the game, as we got destroyed. However, it did pay off in the end and what I saw was a team of winners. During the entire time they were getting beat, they kept trying their hardest, working together, keeping their heads up and not complaining. It was the proud moment for both student and teacher. In life we learn to be good losers so that we can be gracious winners. What an inspiration!
As of this newsletter, I am 0-14-1 in my 15 years as a soccer coach at Harmony. It won’t go down in the record books for anything other than the most consecutive losses, but I am honored to have worked with the students in our class over the time here.

This was my last “Soccer Challenge,” as I have decided it is time for me to move on to other ventures. I would like to thank the Harmony community and those families and students that I have had the honor and privilege to get to know over the last third of my life. I would like to also thank Kathy for the amazing partner she has been for 15 years. Both inside and out of school, she has been there when I needed her the most. I know that the 5th and 6th grade will be in great hands when I leave due to her experience and wisdom. She will help her new partner ease into Harmony and find success with the children, I am sure of it. If you see me walking in town with my two year old son, Corwyn, next fall, please say hello. Thanks for a great 15 years Harmony! Kathy and I hope you have a wonderful summer!

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