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May 21, 2013

We have ended our semester with learning the very basics of trigonometry. Before we got to trigonometry, every time I would mention the word there was a groan from the class. Once we started to study trig, most of the students found that trig was not as bad as they thought; there were a few students who ended up actually liking trigonometry.

Algebra I
We ended the semester learning the finer points of exponents. We did not get to study factoring as I had hoped. However, the beauty of teaching at a school like Harmony, I can start there with the same students at the beginning of the fall semester.
Algebra II
I forwent teaching about conic sections at the end of the semester. I felt that our students would benefit more from a short lesson on probability and counting principles. This class is ready for pre-calculus in the fall and with an intro to probability and counting principles, they are ready for finite mathematics in college.
We finished with the law of sines, the law of cosines, and trigonometric addition formulas a little early. Since I did not have enough time to start another chapter, I taught a little physics. We used our newfound knowledge of trigonometry to learning about ballistics.

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