Indiana Tax Credits

Indiana Tax Credits

Harmony Scholarship Program

The Indiana State Scholarship Tax Credit program allows certified schools such as Harmony to raise funds to support scholarships.  When you make a donation to Harmony School using these tax credits, 50% of your donation comes dollar for dollar off your Indiana state income tax bill and if you itemize on your federal income tax return, you will receive an additional 35% deduction on your federal income tax return. For every $1,000 you contribute to The Harmony School Fund at Sagamore Institute your out-of-pocket expense could be as little as $100 for individuals and corporations depending on your tax bracket.  This tax credit program has NO maximum donation limit and credits may be carried forward up to 9 years and applied to offset a donor’s future Indiana tax liabilities.

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These tax credits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis starting on July 1st, please contact Development Director Fern Goodman at (812) 334-8349 ext. 215 or

Harmony Scholarship Program Tax Credit Packet

Harmony Scholarship Program Donation Form

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