Harmony Offsite Program (HOP)

As a natural extension of Harmony’s philosophy, our Offsite Program caters to students and families who are experiencing any number of alternative education paths, but want a school of record and transcripts, longer-term educational consistency, as well as guidance in making learning choices. 

Through the HOP, your education is in your hands, and your mentor is there to guide. Some families choose a highly structured curriculum or program, while others prefer a more open education that is reactive to the world around them. The highly customizable HOP works well for homeschoolers,  frequent travelers, unschoolers, and more, leaving room to customize their education schedule to accommodate travel, allowing for periods of more or less intensity if desired, and a flexible vacation schedule. Families often feel that having a consistent education mentor for an inconsistent education experience is exactly what they need to pull it all together.

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Program Description:

The Harmony Offsite Program (HOP) is open to students in any country, and of any nationality. HOP students are enrolled full-time in Harmony, but there is no specific curriculum provided, nor is one required. As a HOP student, you are matched with a dedicated education mentor who works on a regular basis with each student (or their family, tutor, etc) to help define and reach learning goals.

Understanding that each HOP student has a unique situation, education mentors can offer support in a variety of possible ways. As your mentor gets to know you and your educational approach, he or she can help you assess progress as well as areas that may need more focus, and help you translate your learning experiences into classes on you school record. Your mentor could also help you with things such as how to evaluate online curriculum or a local tutor to find one that is a good fit for you (if that is something you want to do, it is by no means required if you plan to lead the homeschooling yourself). Communication with your mentor takes place in English, so either the student or the student’s education guide must have a working use of the language. 

Harmony is a fully accredited pre K-12 school with over 40 years of experience. No standardized testing is required for any student, including HOP students. The only requirement is a genuine interest in learning and a commitment to work toward your set education objectives.  The primary way of demonstrating this is through maintaining an ongoing relationship with your education mentor and submitting periodic reports of activities. In turn, elementary and middle school students (K -8) receive a traditional report card each semester confirming their successful participation in the program (in order to easily transition to another school if records are required).


If you don’t find the answers you are looking for in this section, please contact our coordinator for more information at offsitelearning@harmonyschool.org.

What exactly is included in my annual tuition?

The HOP provides:

  • A full year of academic mentorship
  • Learning objective planning
  • Assessment of monthly progress notes
  • Freedom to customize your learning schedule and style to fit your life
  • U.S. school enrollment records and transcripts (valid in any country where U.S. transcripts are valid)
  • Access to Harmony’s Online Learning Management System
  • Access to Private Online Group with others in the HOP program

Is there an official start date?

Students may begin the HOP on a rolling basis and are asked to commit to a year of enrollment regardless of actual time spent in program. Within that year, families have flexibility to schedule their vacation time, as well as periods of more or less intense learning if desired.  Education mentors will not work on specified U.S. holidays and won’t be available during specific planned times of the year.

How do I communicate with my education mentor?

HOP mentors are available via email, Zoom, and Skype, and are always happy to utilize any reasonable method of communication that makes sense for you in your location (for example, depending on your internet connectivity, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger may be easiest for quick communication – your mentor will help make that happen).

Does my child have to speak English?

No, it is not a requirement that your child (children) speak English to enroll in the program. However, the communication with the Harmony staff and mentor will take place in English, so there is a requirement that either the student, or the person guiding the student’s education, have basic ability to navigate the language in order for the program to be effective. 

How much time do I spend with my education mentor?  

The amount of time will vary by student. At the start of each year, mentors/students/families have an initial planning meeting where learning objectives and desired outcomes are identified.  After this, families and mentors will touch base at least once a month to check in on progress. Students are welcome to reach out to their mentor as often as they would like.

Will HOP provide a curriculum?

No, HOP doesn’t include a curriculum, but your education mentor can help you select a program that feels like a good fit for you, if you would like to use one.

Will we have the same education mentor if we stay with the program for multiple years?

This will depend on a number of factors and you will be a part of the decision. You and your mentor may decide to continue year to year, or one of you may decide that someone with a different skill set would be a better fit and a new match will be made. In either case, detailed records and samples of your work will be saved so that a new mentor can quickly begin to work with you on your education goals.

Is the HOP available to students in countries other than the United States?

Yes, any English-speaking student may participate in the HOP and will receive an official document to demonstrate full-time enrollment in an accredited U.S. school.

Can my child “fail” if enrolled in HOP?

Harmony does not use terms like pass and fail for any of our students, understanding that each child learns and develops at his or her own pace. Any student in K-8 age range and actively engaged in learning will progress through the program without needing to worry about things like passing or failing.


Tuition and Fees:

The HOP is not intended to be a short-term bridge for students between schools, but rather an instrument for students and families to be able to fulfill their alternative education plans. Due to the amount of time invested in each student, the program is set up on an annual basis.  We understand that some families have special circumstances, please contact us if you would like to discuss other arrangements.

REGISTRATION FEE (per academic year – due upon formal registration to hold space):

  • $200 — First student
  • $100 — Each additional student in same household

Pay HOP Registration Fee Online:


TUITION (per academic year – due two months prior to start of the program):

  • $1,200 — For each Student in Grades K-8 (or equivalent age/development range)
  • $1,000 — Each additional student in same household

Apply to Harmony Offsite Program (HOP)

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Additional fees assessed as needed and discussed in advance of cost incurred (postage, Apostille document preparation, language translation etc).

Group rates available on a case-by-case basis for unrelated students working with the same teacher or tutor.

Register Your Interest:

We’d love to hear from you! The 2018 program has limited space and will be filled on a first come rolling basis. Please use Harmony Offsite Program Interest Form to reserve your space. Filling out the form does not commit you to the program. The program director will contact you to discuss details.

A HOP high school program is tentatively planned to be launched by 2020, please fill out the Harmony Offsite Program Interest Form to receive information as this program develops.

For More Information:

Contact HOP Coordinator at offsitelearning@harmonyschool.org or 812-334-8349.